Agriculture and Farming

As we are based in the Mid-West region, Paul Lynch Solicitors provide advice on agricultural law to a wide range of clients including farmers and landowners in the region and beyond. With specialist knowledge and experience in property law and commercial farm issues, we offer the agricultural sector a complete approach to the challenges and opportunities they face.

We have assisted many farming families with the transfer of the farm and business to the next generation. Farming is a business and we have a strong understanding of farming and the farming way of life.  For anyone who is self-employed, retirement can be a lengthy process requiring complex decisions concerning work, ownership and management of the business.  We know that any legal decision you make can have consequences for your farm and your family. We understand farming and know what needs to be considered before making legal decisions.  

Transferring the family farm is so much more than just a simple business transaction. We understand that when making any decisions with your farm, it is important to consider the implications to include tax liabilities, compliance with EU Schemes and Regulations and the Department of Agriculture.

We have advised farmers and landowners in relation to the development of wind farms and solar farms on their land. While wind farms and solar farms can be seen as a lucrative form of additional income, the development of wind turbines or solar panels on land can significantly affect a landowner’s property rights and land in the future. Landowners are strongly advised to seek independent legal advice before entering into any agreement with a wind farm or solar farm developer.

We have advised farmers and landowners in relation to boundary disputes, rights of way issues and contentious matter that may arise with neighbouring properties.

We also give advice on the short and long term letting of lands.
Planning the transfer can be a difficult task for any parent whatever the circumstances.  Contact us today and we will guide you through the process.
We offer the following services:

  • Transfer of site from parent to child for purposes of building a dwelling house.
  • Farm Finance / Securities / Raising a Mortgage.
  • Transfer of family farm.
  • Agricultural Relief on an Inheritance.
  • Favourite Nephew Relief.
  • Protective Measures for Parents- Power of Revocation, Independent Legal Advice, Retention of Rights of Residence, Maintenance & Support. Enforcement of these rights.
  • Adverse Possession / Squatter's Title.
  • First Registrations (section 49.)
  • Conversion of Title Applications.
  • Estate Planning.